Real-Time Connection to DonorPerfect

A True All-In-One Solution.

Instant Synchronization

Data is pushed to DonorPerfect as it happens.

  • Donors are created an updated
  • Gifts are created and custom fields are populated

Intelligent Donor Matching

We do the heavy lifting of matching donors, in real-time.

  • Reduce duplicates in your DP database
  • Easily fix incorrect matches

Liberate Your Data

Allow your donors to access their giving data.

Profile Data

Your donors can see or even edit their own profile.

  • View name and billing address
  • Optionally allow profile changes to sync back to DP

Historical Data

Your donors can see their historical giving from DP through their donor portal.

  • Historical data is filterable
  • Data is pulled in real-time

We believe nonprofits can change the world.
We build technology to help them.

Josh Bloomfield
Principal & Founder