Easy Online Stores

Full-featured and ready to sell anything.

Shopping Cart

Add items to your cart for checkout

  • Add and remove items from cart
  • Process donations and purchases all at once

Inventory Management

Track your inventory count and manage Out of Stock scenarios.

  • Manage unlimited variants
  • Inventory sync'd across all devices


Offer a variety of discounts on products.

  • Manage valid dates
  • Optionally restrict promotions to members

Taxes & Shipping

Tax and shipping modules for full-featured checkout.

  • Flat-rate and live-rate shipping
  • Simple taxes or integrate with TaxCloud

Order Fullfillment

Manage incoming orders and fulfillment

  • Packing slips and order status
  • Reconciliation and reporting

Physical & Offline Sales

Take orders, donations and registrations from anywhere.

In-Person & Offline Sales

Track in-person, mail-in and phone orders or donations.

  • Easy and simple data entry
  • Process any type of purchase

Swipe Credit & Debit Cards

Speed up in-person transactions with card swiping.

  • Great for high-volume storefronts
  • Allow donors to swipe their own cards

Synchronized Inventory

Keep your online and offline inventory in perfect sync.

  • Items sold on the POS subtract from your online inventory.
  • Never over-sell events or stock.

Cash, Check & Offline Payments

Use POS to process orders that use alternate payment types.

  • Cash & check payments
  • 'Other' payment type with open note and reference fields

Sell Almost Anything

One platform for all your orders, donations and registrations.

Physical & Digital Products

Sell and ship almost any kind of product

  • Categorize and manage products
  • Securely manage digital content

Memberships & Renewals

Structure memberships and renewals for purchase.

  • Auto-detect membership levels from DP.
  • Membership renewals pushed to DP.

Event Tickets

Sell tickets for classes, galas, conferences and tournaments.

  • Simple registration processes
  • Automated email confirmations and optional eTickets


Allow volunteers to register for opportunites.

  • Custom form fields
  • Manage entries

Free Products

Process no-charge items through the cart.

  • Free downloads or brochures.
  • Process multiple registrations or sign-ups.