Child Sponsorship

Websites and tools like the 'big-guys' have.

Find & Sponsor

Your donors can safely browse your records.

  • Allow filters and searches
  • Manage which records and data are visible

Manage Your Sponsorship

Donors can login and manage their own sponsorships.

  • View sponsorships records and optionally private data
  • Manage their recurring payment commitment

Headache-Free Records Management

Throw your spreadsheet in the trash.

Record Management

  • Track all records, public and private
  • Track timelines and updates

Sponsor Management

  • Easily report on all sponsors
  • Quickly identify problematic records

Customized Data

  • Choose custom data-points to track
  • Modify your datapoints at any time

Automated Processes

Let Givecloud auto-charge your recurring payments.

  • Automated payment collection
  • Automated notifications to your donors

Import Records

  • Import sponsors and sponsorship records
  • Bulk image processing is available