Beautiful Websites

All the features. Zero compromise.

Easy Pages & Blogs

Super easy and rich templating.

  • Variable references
  • LOOP's, IF's and other control structures
  • Includes and macros

Fully-Integrated Website

No API's needed. No code. No developer.

  • Run your full website
  • Fundraise and sell anything
  • Completely integrate your donor data

Image & File Management

Your files are automatically optimized and managed.

  • Givecloud CDN
  • Optimal image processing
  • Faster page loads

"With Givecloud’s integration with our DonorPerfect database we have streamlined our donation and sales processing and data entry; giving us more time to focus on our education and advocacy for the Adirondacks."

Tyler Frakes
Membership Director
New York, USA

Simple Editing

No coding required.

Simple Content Editing

Just as easy as editing content in your favorite text editor.

  • Edit and format content easily
  • Easily incorporate multimedia

No Code Required

Update your site without having to use code.

  • We generate the code for you.
  • Easy-to-use shortcodes can be used for advanced features.