Every account is safe and secure so you can focus on scaling your organization.

Givecloud works hard to keep your data secure, your systems operational and deliver peace of mind.

Every Givecloud account is:

  • PCI-DSS SAQ Compliant
  • Encrypted using a 256bit TLS Certificate
  • Hosted securely in a World Class Data Center
  • Backed-up Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Safe & Secure Payments

Your donors can give with peace of mind and you can rest easy knowing that your giving forms and pages are safe and secure.

  • Every credit card or bank account field has it's input sent directly to a PCI-DSS compliant server
  • Personal information collected on any form (including payment) is always safely transmitted using a TLS 256bit Certificate
  • The browser will display a 'Lock' icon that confirms to your donor that it is safe to give

Storing Credit Card & Banking Data 

Credit card numbers and bank account numbers are never stored in Givecloud and never touches our application.  Payment data is always transmitted directly to your payment processor to be processed or stored using bank-level encryption. This is true of every type of payment including web, text-to-give and our iOS app.

Storing Personal & Cardholder Data 

All personal and cardholder data stored in Givecloud is stored on an encrypted hard disk in a secure data center (read below).

We've taken the appropriate measures to ensure the donor and receipt data stored in your Givecloud system is only accessible to those you give permissions to  Extensive permission levels ensure your team is only able to access the necessary information for their role and Two Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of security.

PCI SAQ Compliance Obligations

We take personal and cardholder data privacy and security seriously.  We ensure that:

  • Reasonable measures are taken to secure cardholder data
  • Our internal systems are updated with the latest available security patches
  • Our network is protected with appropriate firewall and anti-virus applications
  • Our team is educated on the appropriate security, data and privacy procedures

As a merchant, you can confidently attest to our SAQ obligations as your third party ecommerce provider.

Storage, Network & Data Center

Givecloud trusts Google Cloud's powerful data center and security to power every account.  Read more about Google's security infrastructureor watch their security video


We are sure to backup every account daily, weekly and monthly.  These back-ups can only be accessed by our top tier engineers and only for disaster recovery purposes.